SNAP Inquiry

HACBED has been contracted by the Department of Human Services (DHS) to train and provide technical assistance to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) staff, SNAP participants, and SNAP Nutrition Education (SNAP-ed) Providers using the “Appreciative Inquiry” approach to connect personal stories to the target population. The data collected, training, and appreciative inquiry will build capacity among SNAP staff, SNAP participants and SNAP-Ed Providers and shall identify assets, strengths, and build a deeper understanding of the SNAP participants. The information gathered will assist SNAP staff to better determine the needs of the SNAP participants, gaps in services, and identify where to allocate resources for SNAP and SNAP-ed services.

As part of the inquiry process, HACBED staff members will be meeting with a wide array of groups and individuals who are knowledgeable about SNAP including houseless individuals, community partners, DHS/SNAP staff members, as well as other eligible populations. In addition, HACBED staff members and business partners will work to analyze existing data prepare a literature review. We are excited at the opportunity to work with DHS to support their SNAP staff, community-based partners, and SNAP eligible populations and recipients to continue our work to strengthen relationships between our community-based and institutional partners!

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