Hawaiʻi Island Community Resilience Capacity Building Support

Community Resilience Capacity Building is a collaboration between the County of Hawaiʻi, HACBED, and other community partners. The goal of the project is to provide tools and support to communities and community-based organizations so that they can build relationships and robust networks that take care of the people they serve, the facilities they use, and their broader communities. The project aims to build community resilience by strengthening connections and growing partnerships between community organizations, with a focus on providing capacity building support and community resilience and asset mapping workshops.

A resilient community can…

  • Determine what it needs to reduce damage in the event of a disaster and to use its assets or resources wisely. The community is resourceful with what it has, no matter its condition or whether it has a lot of resources.
  • Determine what it needs to not only bounce back quickly, but take the opportunity to strengthen health, environmental, social and economic systems.
  • Learn from past emergencies so that it can be better prepared for the next response.

Project Objectives:

Capacity building support for food pantries in the Puna region to strengthen emergency food security:

  • Convene a cohort of Food Pantries in Puna to build capacity and collaboration in the region.
  • Create a pantry schedule for the Puna region.
  • Create a template that will serve as the basis of a toolkit for food pantries in the region.

Asset mapping workshops to strengthen community collaboration in responding to challenges such as disaster preparedness and family homelessness: 

  • Strengthen relationships created through the Food Pantry Cohort and broaden to the wider Puna community.
  • Build relationships among faith-based organizations through Interfaith Asset Mapping to identify assets to collaboratively end family homelessness.
  • Use mapping and the related process as a tool for identifying community assets, increasing collaboration, and reducing redundancies to facilitate broader community resilience.
  • Facilitate dialogue to begin to develop clearer roles and responsibilities that ensure proper communication channels with a new administration to enable an effective disaster response process.

A special mahalo to the following agencies and organizations that attended Food Pantry and Disaster Preparedness Workshops during 2016 and 2017, and shared their stories, knowledge, and love for Puna:

Bodacious Women of Puna · The Food Basket Hawai‘i · HI-AWARE Project · Hui Aloha O Puna Makai · Kalani Honua · Men of PAʻA · Neighborhood Place of Puna · Pāhoa Pantry & Soup Kitchen · Sacred Heart, Pāhoa

Links to Our Partners

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