New AmeriCorps VISTA Opportunity (Nutritious Food Sustainability Network)!!!

We are happy to announce that there is another AmeriCorps VISTA position/opportunity at HACBED! Please feel free to pass on the application link to those who might be interested.

Nutritious Food Sustainability Network at HACBED

Goal of the Project: The Hawaii Sustainable Nutritious Food Network (Hawaii SNFN) was designed to support parishes across the Diocese of Honolulu in transforming their parish food ministries from emergency food distribution to nutritious food sustainability. What has emerged over the past three years, however, is not merely a combination of projects and activities – ultimately, it is an organizing and mobilizing effort with food as a uniting factor and driving force. Thus, in light of the initiatives that have grown within and outside of the Diocese, this year’s work will focus on stimulating ohana-based and inter-generational approaches to caring for the most vulnerable, including underrepresented and low-income communities, throughout Hawaii’s parishes and communities, using aina (land, that which feeds us) Based Organizing and Strategic Network Building. Objectives of the Assignment:
1) Support parish families in developing strategies to address child hunger and poverty via program design and development assistance. Scale model parish initiatives to support existing and new programs.
2) Engage Micronesian families in culturally-relevant strategies to address food justice and other social justice issues of importance to them. Encourage intercultural dialogue, using food as an entry point to broader discussions leading to identification of specific community assets and needs.
3) Strengthen the SNFN’s Regional Resource Network Model by supporting aina-based initiatives in Waianae, including aina Retreats, collaboration with the Leeward Coast community food system network. Build other vicariates’ Resource Networks by utilizing existing resources in Waianae and elsewhere.
4) Support related aina-based initiatives including the Kohala Mentorship Cohort Program, additional work with the Hilo Chuukese population, and food pantry work with the County of Hawaii.

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