Community Voice. Collective Action.

Hawai'i Alliance for Community Based Economic Development

Hawaiʻi Alliance for Community Based Economic Development

HACBED is a nonprofit intermediary that works to build the capacity of families and communities so that they have choice and control to push at social, economic, and environmental justice.

For 30 years, HACBED's core competencies have been holding spaces for tough conversation, collecting stories and data, and disseminating that information. Recognizing that impact is limited when work is done in silos, HACBED begins with active listening to build relationships and break down barriers to create networks and partnerships and provide support to them to bring about systemic change.

HACBED's strategic focuses are facilitation and network weaving, community and organizational capacity building, community based planning, and asset development and policy. HACBED thus plays the role of network facilitator, catalyst, and advocate to support community building. To see just how we do this, check out our Projects page above.

“We serve this place and those who choose to be of this place.” - Bob Agres, Founding Member