How We Work

HACBED uplifts community voice and supports collective action through our approach to community-based economic development. We play the role of facilitator, catalyst, community builder and broker as asked by the communities we serve. Holding this space, we also act as a producer of training, technical assistance, advocacy, education, as well as research & development (R&D) related products and services. HACBED has developed a body of information, experience, and expertise to support the field of community-based economic development and asset building in Hawai`i by:

  • Providing organizational capacity development support to grassroots organizations involved in CBED and asset building across the state and elsewhere.
  • Supporting community-based organizations through training, workshops, coaching, technical assistance, and other support services.
  • Implementing field building strategies to improve the environment in which community-based organizations must operate in Hawai`i. 
  • Sitting, talking story, and listening to capture, synthesize, reflect, and sometimes translate the vision and ideas of community members.

Our focus and scope of work is in the following areas:

  • Community & Organizational Capacity Building – organizational assessments (diagnostics), strategic thinking and planning, community economic development training and technical assistance, and executive coaching to assist communities and non-profit organizations in building the capacity needed to plan, implement, and sustain community-based economic development and other asset building ventures.
  • Community Based Planning – community-based planning for sustainable community-based economic development and asset building, including the designing and facilitating of community engagement and participation processes, building coalitions and networks, and developing community-based institutions.
  • Family & Community Asset Building For Self-Sufficiency – developing policies and community practices around strategies that help individuals, families, and communities to build wealth/assets. These assets will then help them to become self sufficient and develop increased opportunities that will allow them to exercise choice and control over their futures.

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Network Coordination and Development

Strategic Planning and Technical Assistance