Hoʻowaiwai Network

The Hoʻowaiwai Network is a statewide coalition comprised over 130 members of private and public organizations, community practitioners, financial institutions, families, and youth in Hawaiʻi that organize actions to address asset poverty and build the wealth and financial stability of Hawaiʻi’s working families. 

Hoʻowaiwai Network members work to build strategies and tools to increase family and community assets within the unique context of Hawaiʻi. We are building our wealth together – our way. The mission of the Hoʻowaiwai Network is to encourage family and community self sufficiency through asset-building policy and practice.

The Hoʻowaiwai Network’s ultimate goal is to help families and communities build genuine wealth and to do so in a way that is appropriate for island people – respecting the relationship island people have with the islands that feed both their body and spirit. The network builds innovative relationships and structures, nurtures generations of good ideas, and helps bring those ideas to scale.


Hawaiʻi Island

With support from the County of Hawaiʻi Office of Housing and Community Development, the members of the Hoʻowaiwai Network on Hawaiʻi Island work together to develop, sustain, and expand their delivery of Hoʻowaiwai Empowerment Services (HES). These are services that provide families and communities access to a range of asset and genuine wealth building products and services. The delivery of HES relies heavily on a network approach led by organizations who serve as Network Weavers and the opportunities to reflect and weave efforts during monthly Network Weaver Communities of Practice (NWCOP) sessions.

The Network partners work together to create a framework that provides consistent information about the group’s vision and efforts in order to educate staff, other partners, and partner government agencies.  The framework begins with the values espoused in the County’s asset policy roadmap as expressed by families across the island with the end goal of prosperity and resiliency on a family, community, and island-wide basis. The Network strives towards that vision with four concrete goals and related activities that demonstrate individual member core competencies, and potential collective impact:

  • Network & Embedding Approach to Support an Articulation of Wealth That is More Than Just Financial using a network strategy to weave relationships, assets, and local wisdom to advance and family and community financial empowerment efforts and embedding asset building strategies in existing public, private, and community sector programs and services within the values base and context of cultural, environmental, and community sustainability and supported by on-going learning
    • Establish Network Vision & Values
    • Establish Mode of Operations
    • Outreach & Sustainability
  • Ho‘owaiwai Empowerment Services creation of physical or virtual centers that provide families and communities easy access to a range of asset and genuine wealth building products and services through a continuum of support tools.
    • Assessment During the Intake Process
    • Financial Education & Capability Services
    • Incentivized Savings Programs
    • Free Tax Preparation Assistance
  • Building Shared Wealth & Strengthening Community creating opportunities that increase the shared wealth of the community and thus strengthen the resiliency of the community.
    • Workforce Development & Employment Opportunities
    • Community-Based Initiatives
    • Community Development Financing & Funding
  • Investing in Our Youth strengthen youth by increasing their financial capacity to become future agents of positive change in their families and communities and offering opportunities for intergenerational mentoring relationships.
    • Financial Education
    • Incentivized Savings Programs
    • Entrepreneurship Opportunities & Activities

With the above focus in mind, the Hawaiʻi Island partners are working to pilot Resources Match, an online resource portal aimed at connecting low to moderate income individuals and families to available services. The purpose of this initiative is to increase the economic opportunity and self sufficiency of Hawaiʻi Island families. To learn more about Resources Match, click here.


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