Resources Match

Resources Match is an online screening and referral software application that has revolutionized the intake, screening and referral process. Built on the Salesforce CRM platform, the system effectively and efficiently connects low- and moderate-income clients to an array of government programs, community services and financial products. The application matches individual socio-economic profiles against eligibility criteria and utilizes a sophisticated scoring engine to match client data to services in the system. In addition to matching individuals to resources, Resources Match application’s key features include:

    • Sorting: Based on a five-star rating system, it produces an individually customized results page listing programs and services for which a client may be eligible.
    • Referrals: Allows partner organizations to send, track and report on client referrals. An email is sent to present the referred entity with the option of contacting the client directly. Three weeks later, a follow up email is sent to both partners asking for a status update on the referral.
    • Forms: Completes application forms for a select number of services. After reviewing the service descriptions in the results page, Client may elect to complete and print a completed application form for a select number of services.
  • Reports: Ability of create custom reports based on referrals made, received and completed.

Not only is Resources Match a great triage tool for clients, it is also revolutionizing the way service providers share and manage client data. The service provider portal offers organizational tools that allow providers to share and jointly manage clients to ensure their enrollment in a program.

Please contact us if your organization is interested in learning how to become a partner. To access Resources Match, click here.