Network Coordination and Development

Networks allow individuals and organizations with often quite different perspectives, strengths and experiences to work together to achieve a common goal. Effective networks have the potential to make immense impact on systemic change at any level – from a community or grassroots level to a global scale.

Here, across all islands of Hawai`i, HACBED works to coordinate and develop quality networks that are based on intention, accountability, and trust. As a network facilitator, HACBED designs and facilitates gatherings to help partners uplift their interests, identify challenges, and structure network activities that connect people strategically where there is mutual benefit. HACBED also catalyzes ideas into collective action through coordination and coaching. Should the network run into structural issues for itself or its communities, HACBED takes on the role of advocate to bridge disconnects between grassroots action and institutional policy.

Every network has different needs, focuses and challenges. To learn more about HACBED’s role as a network weaver, please contact us.


Reference Materials on Network Development

Weaving Smart Networks