Ka `Uhane O Halawa

For more than 15 years, Nā Kūpuna a me Nā Kāko`o O Hālawa has conducted community education and workday programs; cleared dense weeds and brush from Native Hawaiian cultural and sacred sites; cleared the land to build Hawaiian gardens; and advocated for the protection of these sites in Hālawa Valley. In recent years, NKNKH has hosted more than 1,500 volunteers annually, both young and old, to immerse themselves in the spirit of the valley – ka ‘uhane o Hālawa – to practice and learn

The Ka `Uhane O Hālawa initiative built upon, expanded, and sustained this body of work by forging a partnership between HACBED and NKNKH to bring their collective core competencies, experience, knowledge, and networks together. The overall program design focused on the following components that nurture the interdependent relationship between ‘āina and island people in order to effectively manage the cultural and historical, environmental, and economic resources of North Hālawa Valley:

Protection, Preservation, & Restoration of Cultural, Historical, & Natural Resource Sites in the Valley– Promote maintenance, preservation, and restoration of significant Native Hawaiian cultural and historical sites and natural resources in Hālawa Valley for the benefit of Native Hawaiians and the broader community in Hawai‘i.

Cultural & Historical Education– Provide cultural, natural resource, and historical education opportunities for Native Hawaiians, youth, and the broader community.

Cultural & Values Based Personal & Leadership Development– Provide personal and leadership development opportunities for underprivileged and disenfranchised populations in the community to address juvenile delinquency, combat community deterioration, and other community concerns.

Volunteer Recruitment & Management– Engage community residents in volunteerism that promotes cultural and historical preservation and maintenance, educational activities, and sustainability of natural resources.

Organizational Development & Sustainability- Develop organizational capacity strength and sustainability to effectively carry out programs, ventures, and activities that deliver on our mission and benefit the Native Hawaiian and broader Hawai‘i community.