Kula No Na Po‘e Hawai‘i & Papakōlea Community Development Corporation Strategic Planning

HACBED has provided  Kula No Nā Po‘e Hawai‘i (KULA) and Papakōlea Community Development Corporation (PCDC) with strategic planning support services. HACBED staff members interviewed key stakeholders, through a variety of channels to collect feedback and stories to supplement the work completed to date with a focus on identifying potential strategic relationships for KULA and PCDC. 

This information that was used to help mold the collective vision of the organization and ensure that the goals of the stakeholders are aligned with the goals of the organization. The ‘Ohana Dialogue methodology was heavily utilized at this point in the process. It is HACBED’s belief that the opinions of all members of the organization, as well as the opinions of the surrounding community members, all have value and should be taken into consideration to form the basis of the next steps of the process.

HACBED also facilitated two planning sessions with members of the Board of Directors with a focus on coordinating strategic relationships. The group planning session was used to set planning timelines and deliverables. This was particularly helpful in terms of shaping a long-range plan, as the leadership team has the most awareness in regards to the direction that the organization will take in the future. In addition, the group planning session was used to collect more general feedback and information that was analyzed and incorporated into the final draft of a joint strategic plan.