Vibrant Hawaiʻi

Vibrant Hawaiʻi Island is a collective impact community movement that brings people together to achieve social, educational, and economic wellness. Rooted in data and driven by community voice, members of Vibrant Hawaiʻi review data sources including the Aloha United Way ALICE Report, meet with and convene multi-sector stakeholders, participate in network meetings, and support collective action around seven major areas: economy, education, financial empowerment, health, housing, and mobility. 

Core principles of Vibrant Hawaiʻi Island are:

  • Equity — We are committed to ending poverty by shifting the conditions (policy, practices, resources flows, relationships and connections, power dynamics, and mental models) that hold the problem in place.
  • Wealth — We prioritize wealth by investing in our human, social, natural, and financial capital and the reinforcing spaces and connections between each.
  • Belonging — We cannot thrive on our own. We need each other and the resources of our natural environment. We belong to each other and to this place when we contribute to the system of reciprocity. We believe everyone is useful.
  • Impact — We measure our impact through results-based accountability — a process, framework, and culture of data-driven decision making.

HACBED served Vibrant Hawaiʻi by providing fiscal support, process design, facilitation, and documentation.